Quality that begets beauty,
with our hearts in the past
and our sights on the future

Our mission
Quality First!

Every day we think and act in pursuit of perfection through process and product standards of the highest quality, geared towards sustainability and continuous improvement.

We work in a high-tech environment, all the while nurturing a warm and caring work environment.

Our values


Our daily actions draw from hardy roots, a history of ingenuity, sacrifice and, foresight.


It’s the creator’s beating heart which breathes life into a work of the highest technical style. We believe that only such great and contagious love drives us to guarantee not only the quality, but also the value that our customers deserve.


Firmly rooted in our founding values, and operating with the strength, care, and devotion characteristic of family, we devote the greatest care to company spaces, production processes, product development, personal relationships with all stakeholders and the territory, and the development and management of talent within the company.


Developing ideas, personal growth, and researching materials and processes are all vital ingredients engendering optimal results oriented towards the future in an Industry 4.0 and Open Innovation perspective. Our company believes in the sustainable and responsible growth supported by the precious collaboration of our Team.


We believe that acting daily with integrity and fairness allows us to be better today than yesterday. “Everyone is responsible for what happens and has the power to decide what he wants to be. What we are today is the result of our past decisions and choices. What we will be tomorrow is the result of choices today.”


For Tacchificio Villa Cortese, sustainability is a philosophy that embraces the entire structure, which then translates into a development strategy. We consider it the highest form of respect towards our stakeholders and the highest form of moral responsibly towards future generations.