Tacchificio Villa Cortese
The Company Today

Years of hard work, passion, personal connections, growth, renewal and innovation: in essence, these words encapsulate our corporate history and company philosophy.

Founded in 1961 by Luigi Gazzardi, who had abundant experience as a heel-maker, Tacchificio Villa Cortese now is managed by his children, Maurizio, Fausto and Donata, and grandchildren, Silvia, Eric, Chiara and Alessandro.

The manual skills and craftsmanship acquired in the 1960s and 1970s with the production of wood heels still constitute a wealth of knowledge for the company, allowing it to adapt flexibly to the most varied demands from clients and the market in general.


Tacchificio Villa Cortese has always been proud of its ability to combine the needs of industrial manufacturing with the care and attention to detail that define artisan craftsmanship.

Thanks to sizeable investments made in research and design; the modernization of procedures, workflows and manufacturing facilities with an eye towards industry 4.0; the continual focus on human capital as a strategic company asset; and the provision of quick, efficient, precise services, Tacchificio Villa Cortese is recognized by its clientele as an indispensable partner.