Villa Cortese Finishing
The Company Today

Opened in 2019, VILLA CORTESE FINISHING offers timely, high-quality, complete services in the finishing and lacquering of heels and accessories for footwear in general.

The building in Villa Cortese hosts the administrative offices; the technical departments that handle surface preparation, assembly, coating, and drying; and the quality control and packaging department.

Finishes are added to plastic, metal and wood pieces with the use of high-performance coatings for lacquering and chrome plating. In addition, a semi-automated production line is available for the coating of single and two-colour soles.

Attentive to the environment and human health, with the support of the R&D office of Tacchificio Villa Cortese, we constantly seek to use products with low CO2 emissions and as little environmental impact as possible.

Our flexibility and specialization in the field allows for customization and variation with unique finishes not just in the footwear industry, but also in the furniture, automotive and lighting industries.